What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43April 21, 2013

Not much sun today, but it was a little warmer. Sure is good weather for sleeping.

I was going to make a pot of chili but my last onion was sprouting and mushy so I had to change my plans. I can't believe I was down to one onion. Hmmph! Anyway, I looked through all my beef recipes and only two hamburger recipes didn't call for onion. So I picked one called "Cheesy Grub Sandwiches". Basically seasoned ground beef with a homemade cheese sauce served on buns. Looks like it's going to be a messy dinner.

Hope you've had a nice weekend--what are you having for dinner tonight?

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How many calories, patti :o)

Fish today for me!

Trying to nap, but doesn't seem to work!

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It has been a busy day. I went to church with Amber, Mike and Alyssa and on the way they said they planned to go out to eat after, I could either go with them or they would bring me home. Since church is some miles from home, I went with them. We had a great lunch at Logan's. I had the loaded baked potato soup and all the rolls I wanted to eat. I had unsweetened iced tea to drink. They went to a couple of pet stores so Alyssa could see the animals. Then we went to Meijer. I bought some salad stuff and an unbaked pizza. I fixed salad for supper plus the pizza that I added extra sweet peppers, mushrooms and cheese to. I had the to go iced tea to drink from Logan'.s. I am tired and going to my room now. Hope all enjoyed this pretty day.

Sue in Central Indiana

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We are having spaghetti with meat sauce. I'm trying out some new sausage. Sure miss Pittsburgh when it comes to buying Italian ingredients! It's a little chilly here, too, Patti so I'm looking forward to the spaghetti.

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I made chicken stew today with homemade bread. Still cool here but warmer then the last 2 days. Have to go out & weed the flower beds again, the weeds sure love this weather.

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Meatloaf,mashed taters and gravy,carrots and cranberrie sauce.As usual dh is the cook.

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Sue, that sounds like a fun, but tiring day, so I can surely understand your "going to your room".

Glenda, well it sure ain't a Weight Watcher recipe :-) Just didn't want turkey for the third night in a row. I should've taken fish out of the freezer, but I haven't had beef since last Monday.

Enjoy your spaghetti, Georgysmom. I made meatballs a while back and had some in the freezer. My mind is on vacation today!

Mary, you must have a very large yard and lots of plants to take care of. I loved planting and growing in Indiana but this darned sandy soil is so different, I just never got the hang of gardening here. Plus, it's too dang hot after 10 a.m. to be out in the sun.

Wow, Kathi! I sure miss the days when Harry either cooked or we cooked together in the kitchen. These days he's watching golf :-(

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was gonna do burgers but we had a sandwich for lunch, so did a pot of chili...it was really good..and almost like slow cooking on the stove...dumped in everything, stirred it all into the raw meat... put it on low and covered it, around 2... and we ate at 5...gee i love gas stoves!

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Patti, we have 22 acres here in mid-TN. It took us quite some time to get use to this TN clay soil as we are from CT. It gets very hot here too but you learn to do things early in the morning before going to work. I have learned from trial & error what grows in this heat & what does not.

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We had brought home from our favorite restaurant two orders of Swedish Meatballs in gravy over noodles and froze it. Then we had that for our supper tonight. Yummmm. That sure is good eating.

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Susan, glad you enjoyed your chili. I was really looking forward to mine tonight :-( I would never have thought about mixing the beef in raw! I learn something new everyday.

Mary--22 acres?? Wow, no wonder you have so much yard work to do. Tennessee is such a pretty state.

Lindaohnowga, sounds delicious. I need to try to make them one of these days.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

honey bbq wings with garlic natural fries, guacamole and chips.

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Patti, the Swedish meatballs we had came from a Greek restaurant. ALL of their food is delicious. If I ate there daily I'd be as wide as I am tall. LOL

One of my college girlfriends was Greek. Her parents had a restaurant. I'd go home on weekends with her at times. The mom put on quite a spread of food. It was delicious. I had never eaten food like that before. They also tapped their maple trees and made maple sugar candy. The creamy kind was to die for.

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i didn't feel like cooking tonight, so we called out for pizza and i had a small chef's salad with that.....:)

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