Brick Paver Patio

dbj3July 14, 2010

Hello, I am in the process of laying a 12 x 28 Paver patio and it is giving me fits getting it level. I know it should not be perfectly level and should slope away from the house but it drops off quite a bit. Looking at the patio, the back of it is against the garage. On the RH side it is against the deck. The other 2 sides are open. I have already laid the pavers down but am not happy with it. I put 2" of crushed gravel and 2-3" of sand down as a base and when I am happy with the slope, then I have Locking sand to put down and also will rent a Vibrator to finish the project. My issue or question is, what is the next step. I want the patio to look good and do not want to tear it up again. I am willing to take it back up and redo it once, but of course don't want to again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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1) is the "crushed gravel" clean stone, or does it contain smaller particles as well (fines)? Clean stone is the wrong stone for the application.
2) A 6" gravel base is standard.
3) 2-3" of sand is way too much; you want a 1" bedding layer.

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Absolutely agree with previous poster about the base. 2-3 inches of gravel, even if your frost line is shallow, seems insufficient. When building ours, I compacted gravel in 3" increments, placed weed block fabric atop the gravel, then screeded the bedding sand.

To create the grade, I used a transit and drove stakes at 4 foot intervals forming a crown and drainage slope away from the house and off the patio of 1/8" per foot. I then used conduit to screed against following the stakes and making a uniform sand thickness.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. It is crazy the different opinions and advice you get on the web. I actually read on one of the sites that you needed 4" total base. 2" of Crushed Gravel and 2 minimum of sand. The stone I used I guess is called birm. It packed real nice. I also used a thick weed fabric and then put the birm on top of it. I was told it would not go any where with that stuff under it. Anyhow, thank you for the advice and comments. I appreciate it.

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