Deck board remover tools

jimracJuly 30, 2014

Any pro's or others ever use a reliable tool to remove decking, other than the old fashioned way, pry bars etc? I see some of the sites have the duck deck remover or whatever or other gizmos, just curious if they are worth it and held up.

Thank you


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What type of decking? Wood, composite? What type of fasteners were used to hold the decking down?

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Hi Millwork,

Its pressure treated, 5/4, mostly nailed,,,its old,,, maybe 20 years or so... But alot of it.


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I just tore up my old redwood deck. I just popped one board with a prybar and then used a 6' 2x6 in between the remaining boards to pop up. Move a fulcrum as you go, my deck was 35 years old, so, between the rot and the moisture in the boards, they practically came up by themselves!

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Prybay and lumber or long prybar as a fulcrum like tj mentions. No need to spend the money on a gimmick product that probably would not work as well as the tried and tru method. However are you trying to save and reuse the deck boards?

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i was able to save 80% of my deck boards with this method. :)

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Best tool I ever invested in for removing deck boards. It will even pull deck screws through the broads. Makes the work go much faster and easier than using a regular pry bar.

Mayhew Cats Paw Deck Wrecker.

Simply remove one board and then set the Cats Paw on top of the joist and under the board and pry the board loose. Move to the next joist. Two or three guys using them can dismantle a good sized deck in minutes.

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hippy, ya, that looks like a great tool.... but....

what if the underlying joists are rotten/unstabile to the point where the tool has no underlying support to pry up the board? that would mean this tool wouldn't work in that application, which, is exactly the application both me and this OP has/had - an old deck. In my circumstance, if I had this tool and tried to pop up deck boards, I would have either crushed the contact point on the joists below with this tool, or, broken the joist entirely.

With the "use a board" as a prying mechanism scenario, the prying force is distributed across both the deck skin and all the joists that the skin is laying upon. imo, a far better solution.

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