katy122January 31, 2011

My iron finally gave up the ghost, I bet I have had it for 20 years.....I need to buy a new one.....Any and all sugestions would be appreciated....I also dont want to break the bank if you know what I mean.....Sue

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I'm a big fan of inexpensive, no-steam, no-teflon coating irons. If I want steam, I use a spray bottle exactly where I want it. I've tried expensive irons and don't think they do any better.
As long as it has an automatic shut off, I'm happy.

Hope that helps,

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I also have an inexpensive iron...bought at Walmart and have had it for many years. Like Kate, when I do need to use steam, I use a spray bottle.


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I, too buy inexpensive irons - always! I do buy steam however, just don't always use it. I also like the auto shut off -- as long as it isn't a quick one! I bought an iron w/a 15 minute shut off that I hated! (The box didn't list the time of the shut off) When I get going on a marathon of chain sewing, I don't want to have to turn the iron back on & wait for it to heat up.
Side note: comparing my (cheap) irons w/my best friends' expensive ones --- we all generally replace them about the same time. Hmm... :)

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I'm with Kate and Geraldine. I treasure my old gems without steam which you might find at a thrift shop. Travel irons without steam holes also work well. I use a spray bottle. I find the steam holes catch edges of small pieces.

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Irons have been a headache for me. I have tried several and agree the least expensive usually work as well as the the top of the line. Auto shut-off is important to me and I like steam. I always return to my old standby of 30 yrs. or more a GE that works better then any others I have had. I think wt. and shape are important to me more then how long they last. Good luck but I advise against Black and Decker digital. I lost 3 of those in under a year and a half. Some with replacements but not worth the trouble. Jayne

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Me too Jayne!!!!
I use my iron a LOT and when I first started really quilting I bought an expensive iron. It was great, but only lasted 6 months.
Bought a cheaper one at Walmart and it has lasted for 2 years so far.
I like steam and the auto shut off. I also use a lot of starch so I keep a wet old sock on my ironing board and clean the bottom after I use it.
My mother just bought a Rowenta iron at Big Lots for $20.

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I have had cheap irons forever. Last year I bought a Rowenta and loved it, problem was it didn't have an auto shut off, of course I forgot to shut it off and it burned out in the middle of the night filling my house with smoke (NOT GOOD!!!) I just bought a new one Friday, another Rowenta. I got it on sale at Bontons and they had a deal where if you brought in your old iron they gave you $10 off. I took in the old Rowenta (I can't believe I still held on to it)

I also don't like the no stick stuff on my irons.


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I had a Black and Decker digital that I bought on clearance at WalMart when they did a store renovation and were clearing out of box and old stock. I paid $5 for it and had for 2 yrs. It had all of the features I loved and was heavy....can't stand light weight irons. I sew at the DR table and the dog...all 70 lbs of him....likes to lay under the table. One night he caught the paw on the cord and pulled it of the ironing board (sm. tabletop) and now it doesn`t work. I am currently using an old black iron, fibre cord, no steam holes and heavy for it`s size. My sister bought an old Rowenta for me on Sewits4sale so I will get it from her soon.

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