pebble tec - green 'blue tahoe'

drew09May 19, 2009

That's probably a good idea. My PT person says the numbers at this point would not affect the color. I had called the owner of the pool renovation company today (Orlando) and he told me all the pebble tec products have some degree of green in their color depending on the time of day. He also said that he is going to come up with the pebble tec rep next week and take a look. He said that he'd do his best to make us happy. We'll see.......very skeptical at this point. I've spent approx 28K on my deck (travertine upgrade) and the pool. This better be perfect !!! Tks for the response Drew

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I've read similar posts on this board from pool owners concerned about their water looking green after filling their newly plastered pools.

How long ago was the PT installed? I'd give it a couple of weeks with good water chemistry before I'd start to worry.

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In my opinion, Tahoe blue always throws a green color. Im not sure where you got you advice on color sellection. Just look at all the Tahoe blue pool pics on the Pebble tec website. Most of them look green.

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When we were choosing a pebble tec color we didn't want any green in our pool, either. We called PebbleTec directly. It was explained to us that the more yellow stones in the mix, the more green you are going to see. They said "blue and yellow make green". Meaning - blue sky, yellow stones equal green water. I believe Tahoe Blue has quite a bit of yellow stones? I might be wrong and it is just a chemical problem in your pool. We went with Blue Lagoon. Love it! No green look ever.

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Thanks for all the info re: my green H2O. On all the pebble tec websites the water appears blue to me....I do know there is a hint of green....My PT rep began by saying, the blue water will look great with the dark blue tile. Unfortunately, the rep did not offer for us to see other jobs....Anyway, the owner of the pool company and another rep from PT are coming out to look. We'll see.....Tks again for the input.......

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Any updates?

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I am in the first few months of enjoying my Tahoe Blue Pebbletec pool and I have to say that there IS more green to it than what I wanted. Here's a shot from an early swim and it looks pretty much blue. Having said that, there are plenty of times when the green comes out, as well. I'm very happy with the pool overall, and the little bit of green still goes well with the natural theme I was wanting - I just would have rather a deeper blue with no green.

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We went with Aqua Blue Pebblesheen...the water is blue..Windex blue. No green at all, which is what I wanted. I had to see it in person first though, before I decided. The finishes can look very different on an actual pool than in a picture or on the website (also, computer monitors vary so much as far as giving you a "true" it's best to always see the finish in person. On my PebbleTec brochure with the color samples, the Tahoe Blue water has a slightly more greenish representation. Hope you get this straightened out...and enjoy your new pool! You may just have to let your eyes get used to it..I know when I first got my pool finished, I saw every tiny little flaw because it was so don't see anything but beautiful pool,backyard and relaxation!!

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Tks again for the followup....We are balancing our chemicals in the pool but it isn't getting much bluer. It definitely still has light green and does not mesh with our dark blue tile. The PT reps are telling us to be patient but we're about 1 month out and no sign of blue. Most chemicals are a little off but nothing out of sight.

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How does the look of the pebbles in your pool compare to the product swatch on the Pebble Tec website?

If it's any help at all, I remember one person mentioning that his water color kept getting bluer until it reached it's final color after 6 weeks. I don't remember what color he had though. You may have two weeks of hope left!

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Tks for the info and advice re: the ongoing green pool. The swatch is the same pebble as the bottom of the pool. The chemicals are now: Choline 5.0, ph 7.2, base 2, alkalinity 50, and salt (of course) 600. Does anyone know if this would change the color to green. It has been 5 weeks now....Tks for the help or advise (I REALLY NEED IT)

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"The swatch is the same pebble as the bottom of the pool."

At least you know they didn't make a mistake on the pebble choice. Does it look anything like nctal's color, or any of the other Tahoe Blue's posted on this forum?

I just saw a Tahoe Blue pool the other day. It was 4 year's old and it's color was a blue-green. It was shaded by a lot of trees, and looked darker than the typical blue pools that you normally see.

You should check-in with the people on Trouble Free Pools. They really know how to dial in the chemical's of a pool.

Here is a link that might be useful: TFP

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Tks for the suggestion...the swatch is definitely right. I have a brown stucco wall around the pool and the lot it the back does have trees...but...the water is green...when comparing it to the pebbletec wesite, tahoe blue, there is no comparison. Tks for the link...I'll check it out. The pool guy is supposed to come tomorrow to look at the color..He says is may be the reflection of the wall, the trees, the plants, etc.,etc....No satisfaction so far.

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Hi drew
I am hopping from my "green" which can be "blue" Slate Blue pool post. My pool was refilled today...working on getting the chems right to get back to blue water again.

Anyway....your pool.....

Chlorine is too high
pH is too low
Alkalinity is way too low
Salt is way too low if you have a SWG

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Based on just-a-pb's post, I went onto the PT website and looked at the Tahoe Blue pools in the gallery, the finish color/water color samples, and the downloaded PDF brochure with the black background. I hate to say this because I feel your pain, but I do see green in all of those pictures especially the water color samples online and the PDF brochure. Green doesn't always mean awful...maybe it looks like an aqua color like being in the Islands?

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