25 year old concrete pool deck resurface

bigfootlabradorJuly 23, 2013

We have a 25 year old concrete pool deck that is in good structural condition, but doesn't look good. It has a few hairline cracks, but mostly the problem is some color was added to the concrete when it was built and then it faded unevenly.

I am looking for suggestions, including: 1. Materials which can be applied very thin. 2. Whether to do this myself.

We are considering various options to make it look better. One annoying constraint: the deck was poured so it comes up level with the bottom track of the sliding door. The prior owners has a problem with water intrusion and we only have a moderately better situation after grinding and some work. Thus, anything thicker than about 1/4 inch will require either extensive grinding, or we have to take the door out, or do some invasive cutting and work to get additional drains near the door.

I have been looking at very thin coatings like Ardex CD Fine in white. http://products.construction.com/swts_content_files/823/575247.pdf ,

That coating would be 1/8" at most. I have no desire to stamp, color, or do anything but have an even nearly white surface. Since it's by the pool, I want good wet traction.

As with so many types of contractors, we have gotten rather different recommendations from various bidders. One recommended Westcoat instead, mostly due to it being workable for longer. We are in a temperate part of CA, no snow or ice to deal with.

I am considering just doing this kind of thing myself. I am careful, and good at following instructions. For an 1100 square foot deck, materials are about $500 (50 cents per square foot Ardex CD Fine), but bids for installation are more like $10,000 ($9 per square foot).

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