Fruity drink for during the remodel!

williamsemMarch 1, 2013

Gotta post before the Rum kicks in...

If you like fruity rum drinks and are headed for a remodel, here's a solution I stumbled on today that needs no blender and no clean up! Yummy! With that problem solved, I now return to my previously scheduled kitchen decisions already in progress.


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Bless you!

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A dark and stormy for me, please.

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Oh... I do enjoy a nice fruity drink every now and then!

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I decided to try these fruit boxes today because they are all fruit juices and purée, no filler crap. Then I got home and decided to try it with the rum. Perfect! One box of smoothie plus one mini coconut rum, plus a few ice cubes to keep it cold works perfectly.

As a bonus, it's also very portable for those byob outings :-)

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"smoothy for kids" + rum = hilarious (and yummy I am sure)

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From the sublime (remodelfla's story on another thread) to the ridiculous (this recipe). Ridiculously good, that is! We're technically not remodeling anymore, but are going on vacation with my DH's entire family tomorrow, so this recipe will come in handy. ;)

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