Has anyone installed Last-Deck?

jmac1145July 10, 2009

I've been over and over the composite choices and see too many mold and fade issues that I am afraid to go that route. In my searches, I also found some companies that make aluminum decking, notably Lockdry and Last-Deck. I was impressed with both, but especially the colors that Last-Deck has to offer. I had some conversation with a couple putting Lockdry in and would like to hear from them again if it is now installed. Anyway, I'm leaning toward the Last-Deck product, but would like to find someone who has installed it. I would like to know their experience with the feel of it underfoot, any problems with expansion/contraction and how they feel the color coating will hold up over the years.

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What part of the country are you in? I have a buddy in the mid-west who sells and installs Last-Deck materials- good guy. He could give you any info you needed.

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I'm south of Buffalo NY, long winters, thus lots of work on cedar deck every year. Getting too old for that and looking for something with a little less upkeep. I've gotten some samples from Lastdeck which I liked but did not get the wood grain ones which I prefer. I haven't talked to Lastdeck yet, was hoping to find existing customers and see how it holds up and how they like the feel and sound.

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I am looking at installing this on my deck, as well. I don't like the disadvantages of composite or wood and the aluminum decking is really appealing to me. Did you end up installing it on your deck? Do you like it? Can you share anything from your experience?

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I have just completed an 1100 sq ft installation of the last deck waterproof decking. We are having some issues that we are trying to work through with the manufacturer. I will put another follow-up post to this web site once Doug Deel has committed to a resolution.

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I have sent three 3 emails to Doug Deel the president of Last Deck concerning issues I am having with the finish on our deck. He has replied once saying they would not take care of any problems I am having. I am still waiting to hear back from him after a follow-up email was sent. I will continue to update, but at this time I would not recommend installing this product.

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Doug Deel, President of Last Deck, has replied and he will do nothing to correct all the problems I am having. I would NOT even consider buying this product. Secondly, I will pick up any potential Last Deck customers from St. Louis or Kansas City airports and take you to my house so you can see first hand the issues I am having with a brand new $15,000 deck. From there, you can make your own decision if you would consider this product.

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Adbva - would you mind posting pictures or writing a summary of the problems you are having? Or could you private message me with the details? We are seriously considering Last Deck and are about to make a decision on purchasing it. It would be extremely valuable to us to have information on your experience with the product. There is not a lot of information available about this product, good or bad and I want to be able to go in with my eyes as wide open as possible. Thanks!

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I have installed the "waterproof" version of last deck. Installation is not that hard if you have basic building skills, but we did have numerous issues with the finish and no apparent fix, the hand rail and the lack of instructions to install it and most importantly leaks. It took 6 months for them to develop but we now have several seams in the middle of the deck that are leaking and ruining a very expensive oak ceiling. Mr Deel told me this is the only deck that has ever leaked and that it is impossible for his product to leak, so I was wondering if in fact my deck was the only one to leak.

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I will post pics soon. My issues are that the deck planks are not the same color. Last Deck, as the previous person stated, said this had never happened before. The did send my a partial refund. I was not satisfied but had no option. I would of had to remove deck, package, and return at my cost to get a replacement product. The the next issue. The majority of my deck is rusted. Yes rusted. What they are assuming happened is that when my steel rail was being reinstalled, the metal particles from grinding to fit the new deck, landed on the powder coat and rusted it. IT WILL NOT CLEAN OFF. Doug Deel said it is not their problem and walked away. He knew my rail was steel and never said this could be a problem. Again, my deck is 1100 sq ft and I invested $15,000 in labor and material (for the deck planking ) not the structure and this is the response I got from the company. When they told my I was the first person in Missouri to have this product...What the heck was I thinking!

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A message for adbva about the rust stains ,I have had the same problem as you with embeded steel grindings after finishing a stainless steel railing for a customer,I forgot to change my polishing wheel that had been used for steel pryer,and guess what of course after it was installed it started rusting all over!thank god the customer was willing to let me make good,you need to use a good product with oxolic acid,I used a product called F.S.R you will find it at a good marine supply company it should not hurt your finish,and may take many apps.As for the color issue it must not have been the same paint run and I have had this happen many times over the years with many pre coated products if the color is close the sunlight may help to blend them.Hope all works out and with my near 40 years working in the metal fabricating trade I,ve seen it all.GOOD LUCK.

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I have the deck install step by step in my photobucket album. It is nearing completion and is a last-deck. I think it is too bad none of the previous folks posted pics.

it is here:


There are other remodeling pics mixed in so keep looking. You can go all the way back to the original crappy wood deck. Pics are labelled with info for you if you choose to click on them.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sarah Brennan

Any other opinions/pics from anyone who has installed Lockdry (Lock Dry) decks? Particularly in New England? We're weighing the pros and cons of decking materials for a large deck and Lockdry seems to be the way we want to go, but we have never seen one installed. Thanks!

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