size of your baja shelf?

wendye0720May 13, 2013

Are you happy with the size of your shelf (and please share the size). If not what size would you make it. Right now our plan is a semi circle that is about 5 feet. I am not sure if it is big enough to be practical.

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Hi, ours is 5x5 - I think there's a photo of it if you search under my user name. Were I to do it again I wouldn't bother with the shelf. It's superflous at this point. Our daughter was 4 when we built and great for that summer, but with a pool in the garden she learned to swim like a fish that first year and by age 5 wanted nothing to do with the shallow end. Our pool isn't huge, (36 X 17 I think), unless yours is, I might forego the shelf. If you must have one, be sure to do what others on this board have and measure your favorite chair to make sure it'll fit! Good luck and enjoy!!!

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Depends on what you want to do on it. We can fit 2 loungers with a side table in between on it. But we never use it with lounge chairs. We fit 4 Adirondack chairs, very comfortably, with some room to move around.

It's kind of oval shaped, maybe 8x10? I'm glad we didn't go bigger.

Before we drew the design for the pool, we drew a shelf out on the driveway with some chalk and put chairs on it to see what we could fit. We started too small and I think we got it just right.

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Thank you for the two replies. I think we will increase the shelf and ask our pb about an umbrella sleeve. We are putting the shelf at one end of a roman shaped pool so that will mean making the deep end "half circle" bigger as well. Did you go 6 inches on the shelf? I did an internet search and that seems to be the popular depth. I really appreciate you both answering my questions.

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Ours is about 8" deep. Our shelf is used mainly for the old farts that come over that don't want to get wet. LOL.

Seriously, it's great for that and for, like today, it's 82 degrees in Michigan. The pool is too cold - 66 degrees - to swim in but I put a chair in there and rested my tired, hot feet after a run.

Little kids like the shelf but only for a short time. It's the old people and the ladies who didn't bring a suit* who like it the most.

*I think a lot of the ladies who said they forgot a suit are just self conscious. But I know, on a hot day, they appreciate being able to sit in a comfy chair, feet in the water, margarita in hand and feel like part of the party that's floating in the pool. Best part is, we have two bubblers on the shelf that are awesome foot massagers when seated in a chair.

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We have a 8 by 24 foot ledge - it spans the length of our pool and because the pool is in AZ it serves two purposes - it's a "wet deck" in the summer (when things are smoking hot). It is a great place to sit and chill and visit. In the winter we expect to be able to lounge there even if the pool is cold. We have two lighted bubblers as well as two umbrella holes. We also have a 2 foot by 8 foot table built into the ledge.

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I would love to see a picture of your Baja shelf Vancouver.

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