Pool deck sealer removal and reseal

jamyheadMay 13, 2009

Hey guys. I used Behr Wet Look Sealer from Home Depot on the pavers and coping around my pool. It has turned white and hazy. I have tried the Behr Sealer Remover and a scraper, and I have also tried a very nasty masonry stripper and a drill with a wire brush bit. It has been very slow and very dirty. The pool chemistry has also been thrown out of whack whenever I try a new idea. Any better ideas on how to get rid of the old sealer, and what I should use to seal the pavers. Thanks.

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I posted a similar review of the Behr product a few years ago. This stuff is awful. I didn't do the chemical removal bit since others told me it wouldn't work. Here we are three years later and the last of it is finally coming off on it's own. Acid doesn't help any, either, since it eats through the paver at the concentration needed to get rid of the sealer. Just wait it out...it gets better next year as it flakes off.

We chose just to leave it alone and it's fine. I don't think you really need sealer unless you want a constant "wet" look. There's some very good penetrating sealer that is very expensive but works great that I can recommend. It would have cost me about $1,100 to seal my deck so I passed.

Good luck...


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Jamy, we get at least a big job a month removing and resealing from those big box store products. Our usual routine is
pressure wash
apply soy gel let sit, repeat 2 or 3 times

You may be able to find the soy gel(enviro friendly) if you have a concrete accessories store nearby that sells retail.
If you want wet look, after removal, try a color enhancer product(not a big box store item) not a wet look sealer, then seal with a UV stable sealer. Most of the products we buy are not available to the public, but I believe the soy gel you can get at retail. Depends on why you are sealing as to what product to use,but buy at a concrete supplier not a big box. You may be able to get some on line as well, truck shipped of course. Here is one instance where you get what you pay for.....some of our sealers are over $100/gallon our cost. Hope this helps, Barb

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Ralph and airborne 101, we have just installed pavers and are in the process of filling the pool with water next week. I have matching pavers in a florida room which is 18 x 20 and would like to seal it to protect it from staining, spillage of wine etc. I do not think that I would like to seal the outside pavers. Can you please give me some ideas on what products will be suitable? Our blog is " Our New Pool Build in Jacksonville, FL"

Thanks in advance

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