The Hyatt Method

DashomeJuly 23, 2014

John or others with experience,
I familiarized myself with your recommendations, but wanted a complete, concise list of steps since you seem to offer advice in other posts more specific to the issues the poster has.

I have already done:
1. Chemically stripped previous homeowners failed stain off.
2. Applied brightener/neutralizer
3. Sanded as appropriate
4. Applied 2 coats TWP 1500 (wet on wet)

To Do:
5. Oxalic Wash: Is oxalic wash needed before the a coat if it is only a few weeks since the original coat was applied or just before a maintenance coat years down the road?
6. Apply TWP 1500 wet on dry: I want to build coats as you recommend to minimize the need for maintenance. When should I reapply the next wet on dry coat? (some posts say the following spring, others a few weeks)? Just 1 coat, correct? Next one to be applied when needed or proactively on an annual basis?

Also, I noticed some spots seem to be lighter than others. Is this something to worry about or is it possibly due to sun exposure in this area already?

Thanks for clarifying. I can assure you that the community is grateful for your wisdom.

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John Hyatt's no longer here (the mods booted him off because of his frank style, which rubbed some people the wrong way). I miss him. :-)

But I've used TWP on garapa. I'd do a minimum of 3 coats; My first time around I did 2 coats. It wore off some the first year (on more exposed parts) and more the 2nd year. The 2nd time around I did 3 coats and it lasted longer. We sold that house last year, so I can't give you the long-term scoop.

Oxalic acid is for when you're stripping down and starting from scratch, or in subsequent years. If you did a coat a few weeks ago, then just clean it well, let it dry, and do another coat or 2.

If I were doing it again, I'd do 3 coats wet-on-wet (or over the course of a couple weekends) and then a topper coat each year, before it wore away. If there are spots that will get more sun exposure, I'd put an extra coat on them up front. I think John had 7 coats on stuff in his backyard.

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