Adding front porch - odd roof lines

sarah428July 15, 2012

Two years ago we enclosed a breezeway area btw our home & garage and this is what was created. We are going to remove the flagstone cement and would like to add a porch. My questions are:

1) is a cover porch or portico impossible due to the many and odd roof lines?

2) if we can add a portico I'm guessing the porch would have to be wider than the existing windows so the railings can butt up to the will that look *too* big in such a narrow area and so close to the chimney?

We are definitely going to replace the temp wooden steps but at a total loss on what style of porch we can do if any.


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What's the setback from the street zoning for your area? I'd be tempted to add a deck/porch if zoning would allow it. It's hard to recommend too much without seeing the big picture (whole house).

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Here is a before picture of the house, you can see where we enclosed the breezeway btw house & garage (although garage is not in this shot).

I'm a visual person and need to see sketches before I can make any decisions :)

My husband has brought up the deck idea as well and we are far enough from the road that I think zoning would allow (but would obviously check first). Our two issues with that are the chimney and the exhaust for our boiler (I think that's what it is) comes out right behind the chimney.

Any thoughts & ideas are greatly appreciated, this stuff makes my head spin!

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