PB put b-ball anchors wrong distance - what to do?

mimi72May 14, 2012

Please tell me what you would do about this. We put in an inground pool last year. The PB sold the SR Smith saltwater commercial basketball hoop for the pool, but it cost so much we decided to wait a season and had him just put in the brass anchors when he poured the concrete. He was more than happy to do that.

Well, I bought the b-ball hoop over the winter, the exact same one the PB sells, and we went to try to put it in but the anchors were placed 18.5" apart rather than the required 17.5".

The PB acknowledges that they need to be 18.5" for the equipment. He wants to take the set of support posts for the system back to his shop and have his guys "assemble it to fit" the 18.5 anchors that we have.

I'm not too thrilled about this. It just won't be right. I'm sure the warranty on the ~$700 thing will be voided, although I'm sure the pool guy will say he will replace it if we ever have a problem. We had a decent building experience with him and he is known to do quality work. Could be a little more responsive when there's a problem though.

The alternative I guess is having him drill new holes? Where? - since the current ones are in just the right place - shallow end just as it starts to slope deep. It's a figure 8 shape pool with all borders curved so not a ton of great placement options. His guys drilled anchors for the pool cover after last season was over and those holes are a chipped up mess, I'm if they do new ones for the bball hoop they won't look nice either.

What would you do? Any advice appreciated.

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mimi...sorry to hear about your basketball anchor positions.

SR Smith custom made our stainless steel poles for our combination volleyball/basketball court.

I would ask your PB to have SR Smith make a custom pole to fit your spacing.

Hope this helps.

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trhought...that's an idea...I will call SR Smith and ask about it.

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