Douglas fur porch floor?

fannerJuly 8, 2009

We are renovating our 105 year old porch. The contractor suggested both ipe decking and tongue and groove douglas fur for the flooring. Any thoughts on pros and cons of both/either? Our current porch is painted top to bottom, and we will most likely paint after renovation. Do I understand correctly in that the ipe decking could not be painted. Any thoughts on if we even *should* paint the flooring....? I have posted photos of our porch here in the past, but don't expect anyone to remember so I will include a picture. We are hoping to achieve a look as close to the original as possible, so this picture should give an idea of what we are striving for. Thanks for any input!

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If you could get old growth doug Fir it might be close to ipe but not in price. OG DF cvg is going for major bucks right now for good reason that lumber is total sweet. Dont even bother with second growth.

Painting Ipe would be an insult to the material,such a painter would receive a strong call to the wood trols from me requiring 24 hr security and whatching your back very closely after sundown anyplace near a bridge.

On the flip side I did have a Wallet force T&G ipe to go blue under a covered porch,same kinda look but different color ya know those old house kinda things. It took a lot of high quality prime/paint plus the 3 coats of twp I put on to make this mean little gun toting bmw driving lawyer girl happy but there it was ipe with a simi gloss blue just like the good ol days. Side Note>> they were not all that good You understand incorectly,ipe can be painted.

That was several years ago,I went by there biding a job last year, the areas completly under cover dident look all that bad. The whole thing had been recoated and the stairs most likely peeled with the sun but the sanding/prep was pretty good probley only my ownself noticed it.

With that kind of place,and to keep the wrath of JonMon off you, think about...Gasp....going with a composite like Moisture Shield Junipher 5/4 decking. Dont use T&G material that will just add to your problems with anyone but me installing it.

Now why would J. recomend Composite after all these years of ranking it you might ask. Because all you Folks keep clamering for it like a junkie and his elbow with the 26 1/2 g in the other hand. I went thru the MS plant in Ark after using it in a com job that called for manmade. It is some well thought out stuff air dried not hit with water like t=junk,good quality control,hard workers from the top to the little girl that keeps the coffey freash and complets a lot of paper work in the office. The jenipher product makes no pretencs it will go gray they use the texas cedar that every one hates in the mix so you green mafia guys should love it. It takes finish well and is very stable even in low to the ground projects.

NO you wont find anyone else but me telling you to put a finish on composite. I have done it and it works.


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