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kahochMay 6, 2011

I'm planning to control a VS-3050 with a Suntouch controller. I have a simple system with solar and a sweep. For a few reasons, I'd like to run the power for all through the Suntouch. One PB suggested running the power through the Pump relay, and controlling the VS-3050 speeds with the Suntouch via the com port. That would be the easiest and makes the most sense to me. Though, the manual and folks on this forum suggest the VS-3050 should have continuous power. Option 2, use Aux 1 to supply continuous power to the VS-3050, and control speeds via the com port. Aux 1 allows for manual on/off via the panel. Aux 2 would control the sweep.

OK, folks, point out the fatal flaws, you'll make my electrician happy!

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You always keep the V* pumps power all the time.

You can route the power through the suntouch but not run it through the relay.

The PB who suggested running it through the relay has no idea how the product works.

The way it works is you set speeds in the ST for different tasks you want the pump to do. So let say for example 1250rpm for pool mode, 2200 rpm for the heater, and 2900 for a boost mode (these are all hypothetical speeds) .

The ST sends a signal down to the VS pump, and tells it what to do upon pressing the button, or having a schedule turn it on. If the system waits for a relay to power up the pump so it can receive the command, it will screw it up.

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