which semetransparent stain on a new pressure treated deck

growingadviceJuly 4, 2012

Was built about 6 wks ago.

it's about 600sq ft.

I see so many choices, all of them claiming to be the best, that I dont know which to choose!

AMD 2000 sounds good, but of course the people who are trying to sell a product arent gonna say "well, it kinda sucks, but I think you should buy it anyway!"

The other thing is, when do I do it? should I wait till next spring, or do it this fall?

on the AMD 2000 site it says that after the firs two times of applying the stain, you would do it every 4 years. every 4 years sounds pretty good. Does that sound realistic?

thanks for the input.

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by the way, I live in Western MA.

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Ready Seal, Armstrong Clark or Wood Tux

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Cabot is made in Newburyport, MA or was.
Realistic? It all comes down to expectations. Are you expecting it to look like the day you put it on, 4 years down the road? Never happen.
Make sure you are using Semi-trans DECKING stain.

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Is it livable the way it is now? Do you have to stain it?

One of our dreaded projects every other year is staining our deck. Actually the floor gets re-stained once a year and the railings every other year.


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