How Much Should I Expect To Pay For This?

colorblind1961May 15, 2012

We have an in-ground 37,000 gallon pool that is 7 years old. The Company we use to open our pool each year strongly suggested that we fill in the space between the coping and concrete decking with caulk (the original caulk is all but gone). The quote I got from them was $1,200. I got another quote from a different pool co. and they would do it for $1,500. YIKES!!! Just to caluk around the pool??? Is this a fair price??? Can we do it ourselves?? If so, what do we use??? We live in the PA if that helps.

Thanks for your input!

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Sounds about right. Linear feet, depth, and width are part of the calculations.

Replacing the coping and tile would be one heck of lot more, I can guarantee that.


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Thanks this something we can do ourselves?? If so, What product????

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Hi Colorblind - if you search this forum (search box is on the home page, just above the "post a new message" area) for "caulk expansion joint" or "expansion joint" or "fill expansion joint" you can read some previous discussion on this topic. It looks to me like your photo shows some foam-type product, possibly such as is mentioned in the attached thread or a foam backer rod for your previous caulk. I think there is a suggestion or two in this one about the name of products to use, too. We are new to our 1975 pool, and expansion joint is one of the things on our agenda.

Here is a link that might be useful: Expansion Joint

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Different areas of the country do charge more than others. Out here in Southern California the going rate is $5.00 a lineal foot. The product you want to use is a #30 silica sand base and then an two part epoxy called Deck-O-Seal.It's not hard to do but it does require experience to come out right. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone...I armed now with knowledge and great information thanks to you!

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