Pool - expansion joint between coping and new concrete deck?

modern1May 4, 2011

Do you need an expansion joint between pool coping and new stamped concrete deck? My contractor says the bullnose rounded edging on the new stamped concrete deck acts as an expansion joint. However the old concrete deck had a half inch wide caulked

expansion joint between the coping and deck. I live in Maryland which does experience freezing temperatures, snow, etc. during the winter. I need advise ASAP. THANK YOU! Deborah

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Yes, you should have an expansion joint between the coping and the deck.
They make a foam product for this purpose and a pourable deck expansion material in various colors. Good luck.

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If the stamped deck is on top of the bond beam, you have a canter levered deck. There is no coping but there should be a thin membrane between the decking and the top of the bond beam to allow them to expand and contract independently.

If you have something mortared to the top of the bond beam and then the deck, there needs to be a space between the two.

On a fresh deck pour, a foam form is used to create the gap and a self leveling caulk that comes in a few different colors is used to keep water out.

This caulk will need replacing periodically but doing so is about 1/10th the cost of new coping. Expect about 4-5 years of life for the caulk.


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Wilcoxon Construction remodeled my pool a few years ago and did a great job. They used the foam and it was still there when the stamped concrete contractor demolished and removed the old concrete. According to the foreman, they left the foam around the pool on the lower portion of the pool but removed the 4 inch high by half inch wide strip between the pool coping and the new concrete pour. The stamped concrete meets the pool coping with just a bullnose edge, no gap or expansion joint. Can a new expansion joint be cut into the deck to correct the problem? Is that possible now that the new deck has set? They poured it over a week ago.

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I'd make them rip it out and repour it right. That was incompetent of them.


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