Best stain for floor on covered porch?

natalJuly 11, 2006

We're building a workshop/garden shed with a small covered porch and I want to stain the porch floor with a semi-transparent stain. I know to use oil-based. And I'm learning that I'll probably need to refinish every couple years, unless I'm lucky because it's a covered porch and only gets morning sun. Anyway, what are a couple good brands?


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We have the same situation, with a covered porch and only morning sun. We just did our porch, with Cabot's, oil based semi-transparent, in Acorn. Came out beautiful. This brand seemed to be the one recommended the most.

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I was going through back issues of Consumer Reports today. Saw that Cabot was top rated for an opaque finish and Wolman for semi-transparent.

Seems like there should be more options for a longer lasting treatment in a covered location.

Anyone else?

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