Does Search button work for anyone

fl_countrybumkinMay 12, 2012

Whenever I click on the "Search" button at the top of this forum, it takes me to "Post a new message". It looks to me like the Post and Search buttons go the same page/link.

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Funny. I can never get it to work either.

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Hi - it's taking you down to "post a new message," BUUUUT directly above the new message part (look up then over to the center in the screen) is where the search box is... so really, it's redirecting you to the bottom of the page where the search input box lives, which happens to be just above the "post a new message" area. You have the choice to search just this forum or to search all of GW. Hope that helps!

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I had the same problem initially. Don't use the search bar at the top. Scroll all the way to the bottom, below the page numbers and use that search bar in the middle of the page at the bottom (you have to be in the main post area of the pools and spas forum where the topics are listed, not within an individual posting). Hope this helps.

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Well, what do you know? The search button does work at the bottom of the page. Thanks pjan0926. Very helpful.

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