Lowering toekick in one section to fit in a dishwasher

GWloloMarch 19, 2013

I planned for a drawer dishwasher and the cabinet guy miscalculated the height needed. He is suggesting that we ditch the dishwasher and just do a deep drawer instead. DH and I would really really like to figure out a way to fit the dishwasher in. This will be hugely helpful in our life. The FP dishdrawer we have already purchased can be installed pretty close to the floor. Any suggestions for lowering the toekick in just one 24in section? The rest of the toekick is 4 inches or so. This will basically mean that the floor of the cabinet in this section will need to be cut and lowered. Any pictures you can share to help me figure this out will help.

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So - the cabinet housing the dishwasher is a separate cabinet from the ones on either side right? The floor of the cabinet isn't continuous into the cabinets to the left or right I presume?

One - I'd tell your cabinet guy to make you a new cabinet. If he had the specs for the DW and screwed up, he needs to make a new box. It's not like he's ordering new doors or anything - it's a simple box. Costs him $50 to make a new one.

That being said, I'd sort of think a FP drawer dishwasher is designed to fit in a standard cabinet height. Or are they even intended to be installed 'in' a cabinet? Normally a dishwasher doesn't have a cabinet of course - it sits between two cabinets spaced 24" apart.

Do you have pics of what you're working with and the model number of your DW?

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Oooh, this makes me mad. Tell him to remake the cabinet so your dishdrawer fits. I assume he knew you wanted this, so it's his screw-up. You are paying him to do a job to YOUR specifications, so who is he to tell you to alter your plans so he can get off scott free?

If you accept the cabinet, as-is or jerry-rigged, make him give you a discount. At least 50% off the cabinet's price.

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Fori is not pleased

I may be a PITA, but the cabinet guy needs to do it over. Telling you a drawer is just as good as a dishwasher is kinda lame. :P

Is this a single drawer? If double, then the toekick needs to come out entirely. If a single and it's going down low, you don't need to lower the floor of the cabinet. You just need to remove it. And hack down the toekick.

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Your post reads that the FP Dish drawer can be installed pretty low, Was that your plan? I guess maybe I am confused about whether we are talking single or double too. If it is a single, I would think that you would want it as the top drawer for ease of unloading.

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It is a single dishdrawer planned as the bottom drawer. The cabinet is part of the galley run and not separate. So the floor needs to be cut and the toekick cut down by 2 inches to create a cabinet opening that will fit. This leaves about 2 inches of toe kick left. Should I get rid of the toekick altogether here or create a flush toekick in this section. Anyway I think it is going to look like a fix. But DH and I are willing to live with the poor aestics so that we can have the dish drawer. I am so frustrated with this.

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Fori is not pleased

Is it a paneled drawer?

What is above it? Can THAT be altered?

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STOP the crazy talk. The cab guy is going to remake the cabinet. End of discussion.

Eliminate the dishwasher? Drop the toekick? Is he a meth addict?

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