YIKES...Is this enough filler?

athomesewingMarch 19, 2014

I am going over detail drawings from my cabinet maker.

The cabinets are frameless. He has specified 1" filler between the walls and cabinets.

I am wondering if that is sufficient? I want the doors in those locations to open, at minimum 90 degrees. I have not selected knobs or pulls yet.

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Sophie Wheeler

You're going to have to have door limiters on those doors to keep them from hitting the walls, even with a 3'' filler. A 1'' filler is enough to keep the door from rubbing the wall, with enough wiggle room for it to be scribed for any out of plumb conditions.

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1" filler between walls and cabinets is standard for my cabinet maker (frameless). They did say that depending on the hardware it may have to be adjusted so it didn't hit the wall. But that's how it was laid out in my drawings- as 1"

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Thank you both! (:

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Sorry to hijack this post, but I have the same question. My cabinets are already built and I am using the kitchen. I have 1 cabinet door that hits the fridge wall and 1 cabinet door that hits the oven wall.

My cabinet maker is coming over tomorrow for another reason. What should I ask him to do on these 2 cabinets?

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I personally think 1" spacer is not enough. Unless you are really hurting for cabinet space and getting low profile knobs or pulls. There supposedly are hinges that will stop your door at 90, so that it wont hit neighboring walls, I am waiting for mine to arrive and be installed in several cabinets. I wish I had used smaller cabinets in several places and increased spacers, both for ease of cabinet clearance and asthetics. I have 2" at one wall, and 1-3/4" at the other end. One of my cabinet doors rubs the granite in one spot, even though the granite guys did an onsite adjustment to curve what would normally have been a more squared edge, a spacer there would have avoided that (not at a wall even)

Places I'd seriously consider adding spacers, either side of DW, against walls, either side of range depending on how your appliance door opens, and the neighboring cabinets, amd for me, near pantry cabinet and fridge cabinet. And wall ovens.

I'll bet 1" can work, but you might want more.

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