how 2 sink pergola posts into DG patio without making a mess?

modern_missJuly 23, 2013

Hi, I'm about to create a decomposed granite patio and, in a month, I will be building a pergola to provide shade for the patio. The posts for the pergola need to go inside the patio. Should I dig the post holes for the pergola before I lay the decomposed granite and base rock? OR how do i create the holes after the fact? Thanks!

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I would build the pergola first, or at least set all the posts, then put in the path.

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By all means, posts before your patio.

For ours, I set concrete footings, built the patio and then the pergola. Bolts were inserted into the (wet) concrete so that stand-off brackets could be anchored and the posts set into them.

Here's a current photo. In the link below if you scroll to the very last photos, you can see the assembly of the pergola. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patio & Back Lawn

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OK - you've convinced me...Sink the posts first...but i'm going for a design where the post needs to be precision cut on top.. and my carpenter can't start the project for another 3 weeks. can I build an open top wooden box and sink that into the hole as a sleeve for the pergola? Then i would fill in the base rock and DG around it...not sure if that would's a photo of the pergola design that i'm trying to replicate. I'm not even sure about the dimensions of the post...

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Very attractive.

What is the rush? 3 weeks is nothing. There are several critical placements in your design aside from the height. Let the carpenter dig and build, then install the granite surface - excavate for the fill, no more as annz suggests.

That's my suggestion because if you miscalculate anything, the correction might take even more time and cost $$$'s. I'm a DIY'er and often learn on the project but I never have anyone to blame but myself when I error.

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You're right of course...rats - i should have thought of this yesterday...i'm having the base rock and DG delivered today and they're dumping it on my driveway...that's the only snaffoo at this to get the stuff off the driveway

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Stop the delivery................and reschedule.

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Thanks - it got delivered. But I'm gonna wait until the posts are in. You've convinced me!

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