pool light pipe full of water

solrac6262May 5, 2011

Hello everyone,

s last year when I finished my pool, behind my spa I had 2 pipes from the ground to approx 3' tal, the pool super intendent told me it was, because of city code..

today I was trying to get the box thats on top and conects both of pipes in the ground, because its ugly looking, but I noticed one pipe is the one that brings all the wires from the brakerbox and conects to the other pipe that runs the cables to the pool light, to my surprise the pipe that comes from the pool light is full of water, almost to the top. its like if this was made on purpose to keep the water in there..

does this sound normal?

thanks all

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Yes this is normal, but the pool light box should terminate no less than 8" above the water line.

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Yes, pool light conduit are "flooded conduit".

The light cord is attached to the fixture and is a sealed cord, designed to go underwater.

racket is right about the j-box being installed 8" or greater above the pool water level.

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