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sarahandbrayJuly 23, 2014

I have been eyeing TimberTech decking for several years...and I think we finally will be installing a deck soon!
My husband and father have installed several pressure-treated decks over the years and are generally handy...is this something a better-than-average DIY team can handle?
--our local building supply has Silver Maple or Brown Oak (Terrain, I'm guessing?) in stock for $2.90/linear foot. Is this a good price? Where do you buy TimberTech at it's lowest price? And is this as good as the other TimberTech products? Of course, I like the multi-colored look of the highest price stuff, but if this is ok, I'll go with one of the two colors.
--what stuff do I need for a 10'X20' deck? 21 boards, but what tools? Risers? ConcealLoc? Where do you get those fasteners cheapest?

We really can't afford a contractor putting this in, and are really stretching to use composite in the first place...so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Sarah in Albany, NY

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I had replaced an 800 sq foot deck with Trex and Azek as the rails. The contractor had to install extra joists .

The local lumber yards sold all material for the same cost.
Home Depot carries some of the Trex materials and the hangers.

United building supply in eastern Ct sells the products as does the local lumber yards.
The contractors get a discount price .

When you cut the planks there will be an accumulation of,plastic shavings. I have used the dry vacuum to pick up the debris or I had laid a tarp under the table saw to collect the debris.
Contractor thought I was nuts. I hated the shavings blown into my garage and the inground pool.

I spent near nine grand in materials for the 800 sq foot deck. This included the joist boards, the railing, the hangers , and other nails.

You can use screws instead of the hangers. I have moved recently and replaced three decks and a set of stairs with gossen using screws.
The new home did not need the hangers since we do not sit on the decks but are just stepping areas into the home.
Be careful screwing near edges of the boards or they will split.

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To see if you're getting the best price, hunt around on the internet. Google the exact part number for best results. Many surprising things are on ebay and amazon, as well as through suppliers all over that sell in their local store plus online.

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