I'm back! With a new project in the works.

coastal_modern_loveMarch 21, 2013

Its been a while friends, but couldn't stay away! I've spent the last year (wow) enjoying my 2 year finally- finished beach house reno/re-build project after water damage had us gut the place to studs in 2010.

As it now happens, we have stumbled across the perfect building site for our forever home in a town that we love. I may soon be dropping the "modern" from my name as we are in the very, very beginning stages of planning the construction of a new home. I guess since I spent most of my time in the KF in the past, I wanted to start here before moving over to the "building a home" forum so I can get your thoughts and advice on the most important (I think) room in the house!

My thought process at this point is to list what I have in my (full time) kitchen and what I'd like to never see again, change, eliminate or add in the new future kitchen. You will all have to bear with me as this is going to be a long process, and I will have hundreds of questions and needed opinions.

A hint of what I am leaning towards is easy- eliminate the "modern" and call me coastal_love. Nantucket shingle style is my absolute favorite. Although my modern tendencies in furniture and design are still floating in me, I am so drawn to coastal light and airy. Add to the fact that modern home design is not too popular in my neck of the woods. I am finding this true when talking to realtors about selling my current modern inspired craftsman.

So as I write this, my mind swirls with ideas, questions, and thoughts of many late nights of reading and lurking and gathering insight in what I know is going to be a long and bumpy road, but a road that I am so excited (and nervous) to travel!

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Wow! Sounds great. Can't wait to see what you are cooking up. Good luck on your new build, sounds so exciting and looking forward to hearing your insights with the experience you already have doing your remodel. It will be helpful to see what wisdom you have gleaned from the process.

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Coastal - This will be a fun project to follow.
Exciting - I wasn't around when you did your previous project.
We will be with you on each inch and mile of your new journey!

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If you haven't see the This Old House "Barrington Beach House" series from a year ago, I recommend you watch it online.

Here is a link that might be useful: This Old House Barrington Beach House

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a2gemini- unfortunately I didn't know about GW until I was 3/4 finished with my kitchen. I did however get much help with the remodel of my summer house. I have gained valuable insight here and will definitely be making my comparisons and asking for opinions on things I plan on changing!

One thing I know for sure- 'I' will be adjusting the counter height according to 'my' 5'2" frame. It is a MAJOR detail that I overlooked, especially since my KD was a 5'8" (in flats) woman. I have to knead dough in my sink and tippy-toe to look into my tallest pot!

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