Cleaning Brand New Pebble Tech and Debris in the Pool

llhbnnyMay 15, 2011

Help! We are in the middle of remodeling our pool. PB installed Pebble Tech, pool is full of water. This weekend the concrete installers came and installed the concrete around the pool. Now our pool is full of concrete debris (dust, chunks of concrete.etc.) Water is clear once the debris settles in the bottom of the pool. We've been brushing the pool, but the dust is going nowhere. What is the best way to get rid of the dust and debris? It is my understanding not to use a vacuum or pool cleaner for 25 days or so. Should we ask the PB to empty the pool and clean the debris? I am very concern about the plaster and the warranty being affected!

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You can use a brush vacuum if you are concerned about wheel marks. Have the PB vacuum and put the pool cleaner in the pool asap. You don't need to wait 25 days to put the cleaner in or to vacuum.
Sounds like poor scheduling/planning by the PB. Interior pool finish should be the last thing done. Good luck.

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Call that PB and tell them to get out there and clean it up.
Your decking should have been done before the finish.

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Thanks for the info. DH has been removing some of the debris with a special net. Most of the big chunks of concrete were removed from the bottom, still dust. Concrete Pavers have to come and redo deck, since it rained on them the 1st time around. We are afraid to do anything w/o them walking us thru the proper care of the plaster, etc. as we do not want to lose our warranties. Tomorrow plumber should be here to walk us thru the do's and don'ts. I agree that the decking should have been done before the finish. Very poor planning from the PB! PB came today and did a walk thru alone (w/o us) and left a message that everything looks good and the "check please!" Not our first rodeo! Again thank you for the advice!

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