gunite pool elevation question

shellipMay 31, 2011

We have a new gunite pool with infinity edge being built. The gunite has been shot and the water line tiles placed. We were preparing for our deck, when the patio guys noticed the PB built the pool too high out of the ground and there is twice as much slope toward the house as there should be. The pool is about 5-6" too high. Does anyone know of a way to knock down the height of the pool without having to totally start over? I am new to the forum and am not sure how to post photos. Any advice would be very helpful.



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There is no way to cut down the top of the pool without affecting the structure and all of the depths.

Would suggest that you meet with PB and the deck contractor to discuss the options. Photo indicates that you might have room to compromise with the existing elevation. Good luck.

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I'm no PB or plumber, but I have seen some drainage type systems in between the pool decking and the house decking. Most of the time I have seen it, it was between old decking and new, but I can't see why you couldn't just put in in as an expansion joint in a totally new system.

Again, not a PB or a plumber, but could be a fix.

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I saw this this morning but didn't have time to reply. I agree with both of the other contributors.


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Thanks to all of you.
Attached you will see the orig. plans which called for everything in the section "sun deck and new terrace" to be on the same level w/ 1.5% grade toward the house.
What are your thoughts on having the area from the coping of the splash deck toward the pool on both sides (sun deck)at the heigher pool level, and a step down toward the house to the area called new terrace? I think it would be about a 6" step down. If you think that would work, would you put trench drains on the upper level also? BTW, all the roof lines drain onto the terrace area. Only the covered porch drains into the yard.

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