Tree fell on deck, ins $, talking to contractor Qs

kiki_thinkingJuly 24, 2012

3tons of tree fell on our deck a few weeks ago. The insurance adjustor just came yesterday, said he will give us "half a deck". Itemized lists and $amount estimates should arrive in mail this week, but I don't ave details yet.

Our house is a fixer upper and I already have a couple of big projects underway, so have not given much thought to the possibility of replacing the deck until the tree fell. We also have roof and rafter damage so we need to get a contractor here pretty quickly.

Our deck is older, ugly, and the railing is definitely unsafe.

I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas on how to approach the planning of the repair.

I can't see how to merge new and lovely with old and bad workmanship and make it look right. New safe railing abruptly connected to old bad railing?

Old boards beside new? Should I reduce the size of the new deck to stretch the ins$ to include new railing all the way around? Should I have them dismantle the whole thing and only rebuild the half that ins pays for to avoid the piecemeal look?

I don't know what I will do with only $ for half a deck.

Any advice appreciated. Will try to post photos.



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We need photos to offer any sort of meaningful advice.

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Need pictures.

Depending on what is actually damaged you may be able to just remove that portion and rebuild the damaged area.

If you want to upgrade the deck you will likely have to kick in some money unless you do the work yourself.

With you supplying labor even "half a deck" in insurance money may get you enough materials to upgrade the whole thing.

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