So many plaster colors and styles - what do you have?

Mark75501May 6, 2012

We'll be building a new pool soon and I'm hoping we can get a thread going that will help me and other buyers decide on a plaster color and style. If you would, please post a pic of your pool, the plaster color, and whether it's Pebble Tec etc. Thanks!

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Hydrazzo - Hatteras Grey
Love the color and it's extremely smooth.
Can email you pics if you wish.

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Please email me, I appreciate it.


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I have NPT Stone Scapes in Tahoe Blue:

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Hi Mark - you might take a look at this thread I found a while back. Lots of photos and inspiration! We have a 35 year old pool to renovate in the next few years, so I have been looking at the archive for ideas. Also, running a search within this forum only for "pictures" or "photos" brings up a lot of hits, too. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to past photo thread

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MiaOKC thank you, that post was just what I was looking for.

MikeG I love the tile/plaster/paver combination you went with.

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Wet Edge Pearl Matrix Mediterranean Magic (a pretty dark mix - mostly black and blue stones with a bit of abalone, white and tan stones). The deep end goes from over 10' to 5' deep and the shallow end shelf is 2.5' deep. Apparent color of the pool varies a lot depending on the lighting so I'll post a few pictures.

The spa:


Deep end

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Fori is not pleased

Cloud Swift, is that exposed aggregate around the pool?

Is it new and if so does it have a name/description so I can try to copy it? Or is it vintage in which case you're just lucky?

Sorry to go offtopic, Mark. We have plain white plaster because I'm old fashioned and think that is what is supposed to be there. It does give you that classic blue pool color and it's easy to see the dirt (doh!).

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Fori, yes, it is exposed aggregate. It's vintage (1970's) from a prior owner except for a back section (the strip along the long straight side of the pool) when we bought the house. There is a 2 foot drop at our fence line and that concrete had tilted. We had a concrete block retaining wall added to stop the subsidence and replaced that part of the concrete. They were suppose to match what we had and to my eye at the time they did okay but I've gotten pickier - the stone colors are the same but the new section has a lot more white stone. The original decking has more of the blue-black and reddish brown with just a bit of white.

The sales guy for the pool refinish proposed redoing the pool deck but I didn't feel it needed it. It has some cracks but it's otherwise in good shape. The same exposed aggregate is in decking all along the back of the house, our driveway, and front entry area including the koi pond.

With aggregate, the installation skill is critical. In a prior house, we had some where two much was washed away in parts so there were a lot of pop-outs and not enough in others so little or no stone was exposed.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks for the info, CS. It's very classy in a woodsy yard I think!

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I know it's boring, but I like the clean cool look of white plaster, plus I want a mid-century look. The pool is upgraded white plaster (Wet Edge) and the hot tub is cool blue tile from (The house and landscaping are still being worked on.)

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Rockybird..... After living off of Camelback Road for more than 20 years, I have to say that I was more drawn to the view. Your tile in the spa is beautiful!

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We are having our pool re-plastered in a week or so, and I have been very impressed with the Wet Edge products. We are going with their Satin Matrix product, which is a very small pebble that comes in some great color combinations. I am convinced their product is the best after doing a lot of reading and asking of questions to builders. I think the color depends upon your tile and coping.

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