Help with my Aqua Logic System

jovisanrMay 31, 2010


Ver 2.66 ..

Location: SoCal..

System reads 0000 ppm even though salt level is 3400 ppm.

Three days a go I started noticing that salt level was going down until it reached zero. no other error message other than Check Low Level Salt.

Checked voltages and fuses in the main PCB all looks OK except the two oranges cables I'm getting no voltage at all.

- Yellow Wires 24vac

- Orange Wires - no voltage

Any idea ...


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How old is the system?

Is the cell clean?

Did you try unplugging it and replugging it in?

Could be a bad cell.

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System is 5 yrs old..
I cleaned the cell and still having the problem
Yes, I unplugged and replugged the cell..

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5years is usually the life for a salt cell.
Some pool stores can check them. If you know anyone else that has the same salt cell, borrow it and plug it in, if it reads ok, then the cell is bad.

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please go to

Use this transaltor if you need it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goldline support

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Thank you much benny2010 and just-a-pb for you responses. Leslie's tested my cell and the test failed. so the problem is a bad cell..
Thanks again

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Why is my automatic filter not turning off? Timer is set and it is not working.

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