How to replace deck boards

txmatJuly 26, 2010

I have some deck boards that have curled up on the end next to my swimming pool. I cannot easily remove the whole board because part of it is covered by a raised deck. About a foot from the end of the deck boards and underneath them are two 2x6 support boards (i don't know what the correct term is - maybe stringers or joists). They are about 4 inches apart. I was thinking I could use a reciprocating saw and cut the deck board off somewhere around the support boards and replace the damaged end. Is this the best way to handle this? If so, where would you cut - between the two 2X6s or on one side and attach a short 2X6 piece to the existing 2X6 to screw into or some other method?

I have pictures, but cannot see a way to post them to this message.

Thanks in advance. Larry

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It was suggested on another forum that I saw the deck boards in between the 2X6s and insert a 2X6 between the two existing to screw to. What do you deck experts think?

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The easiest way to post a photo is to upload it to your photobucket account (free to set up if you don't have one), then underneath the photo they have HTML code you can copy and paste into your message here.

I'm having trouble visualizing what you're describing. A photo would definitely help.

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Thanks for the photobucket tip. I have posted photos in the album linked below. In order to replace the damaged portion of the deck boards I will have to cut the ends of the deck boards rather than unscrew the whole board because on one side of the pool there is a deck built above a portion of the boards. (It can be seen on the far side of the pool in one of the photos) On the other side the boards are very long. When the deck was built no one considered what would have to be done to replace a board. It is complicated by the fact that the screws are buried in the boards about an 1/8 inch which means I have to dig with a knife to get to the head so that I can remove the screws. Very time consuming. So I am looking for ideas of how to replace only the damaged parts. You can see in two of those pics that there are support joists running perpendicular to the deck boards about a foot from the end of the boards. The two joists are 2x6s and about 4 inches apart. I was thinking I could take a reciprocating saw and cut the deck boards somewhere around the joists and then install a new piece. Is this the best plan? Where should I cut? Where should I screw the new board? Step by step advice will be very much appreciated?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Deck Photos

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It would be best to replace the whole board, not just a piece of it. On the end that "tucks under" the edge of the pool, I see a joist near the edge of the pool. Is there another joist right at the end of the boards (under the pool edge) or is that end "loose". If it's loose, then you should be able to slide it back out, once you get all the screws out. Any stubborn ones, just take out with a recip saw.

If there is another joist under the pool edge, then you could cut the board off right after the joist you can see, pull most of it out, then carefully, with a recip saw, cut the screws off in between the deck board and the joist (don't penetrate the pool liner ;p).

If you do replace partial boards, all board ends should be screwed into a joist. So you'll have 2 butting up on the same joist, or else nail a little sistered board to widen the joist area and give you more screwing area.

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Thanks. There is no joist right at the pool. The ones that go under the deck (far side of the pool in the photo) are screwed into joists under the top deck. I should be able to use the recip to cut those screws in order to pull out that end of the board. But I will not be able to screw the new board into the joists on that end. The top deck will be in the way.

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I think you'd still be okay with either leaving the ends of the new boards a little "loose" (not screwing them into the last joist) since the lip of the pool will keep them from bowing up too much and it's not that far of a distance, or, if you've got space to maneuver, attach them from below. Maybe nail in an angle bracket to hold the board to the joist or something.

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