Pink Hearts

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLDecember 7, 2006

I had made the 12ý" heart blocks quite some time ago so thought I'd use them in this quilt. The gal wanted pink and purple with a little emerald green, so that's what she got. The big and little squares are a dark purple and the outside border is green. What you see in the lavender strips is where I used some fancy stitches that are on my machine instead of stitching in the ditch.....although I did go around the hearts in the ditch.

I have 2 more quilts I wanted to finish this year, but after this one (#28 this year), I'm really beat.....maybe I'll have a better outlook next week.


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I love this one. The borders are so nice with the dark cornerstones.


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Thanks, Beverly. I really got tired of working on this wasn't as enjoyable as some of the others. Trying to make sure each side and the top and bottom were same size, rather than just sewing on a strip and cutting it off, got to be a big pain.


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This is beautiful. I love the cornerstones. You did a great job.


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