Kill moss/green mold on wood shingle siding?

2ajsmamaJuly 16, 2009

My parents have one corner by the kitchen door that gets green mildew - almost a moss but not as thick - growing on it. I believe they have cedar shakes, they are 35 yrs old and have been stained with solid color stain of some kind many times over the years. My dad is currently killing it with vinegar. Should he be using borax or something else? I understand bleach doesn't work, and actually makes it worse. Will vinegar do the same b/c of the water?

Is there a mildewcide that should be applied after cleaning with vinegar or borax or whatever? My mom doesn't want to have to repaint/stain but I think they will have to anyway, I know there are mildewcides that can be added (have done it to interior paint) but is there some special one for exterior stain? Thanks.

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Had a very similar problem.

Picked up a bottle of Espoma, Earth-tone, Moss Control from Lowes or Southern States (can't remember which), attached it to the garden hose - sprayed and within 36 hours the moss and mold and everything else died and turned a crusty brown.

I then took a hose and it washed away. A few areas required a brushing, but it did not harm the stain or paint and did NOT harm nearby plants. It did kill moss that was growing on the ground next to the house though - and I was glad about that.

So, I also used in a couple of grass areas to test and it did not harm the grass but did kill the moss. I did not pull up the dead moss and the grass has started to retake its' rightful spot!

This was about mid-June.

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Wow, sounds great (I have moss in the lawn). I'll have to look for it.

Mom says they also have a problem on the lower roof b/c it's shaded by upper, and water runs down valley. I think that stuff is black though. She should have had me look when I was there last night (staining her new pine window casing in place, kneeling on granite counter and bumping my head on her pendant light over sink - this AM I call about doing 2nd coat and she says "I decided to have it painted.").

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