Polaris 280 'Over the Deck'

raywboMay 22, 2011

Hi All,

I was going to retrofit a booster line to my vinyl IG pool via one of the existing 3 fiber optic fittings, but am also considering the possibility a 3/4 quick disconnect garden hose (pump shed ~25 feet from pool) and fashioning up a removable over the deck connection near my center skimmer.

I have had a robotic cleaner (Dolphin) and to me, hauling that beast in and out of the pool along with storing it and it's caddy is alot more work than rolling out or coiling up a garden hose + the 280. In all my research, it's apparent the Polaris 280 is king of the pool cleaners based on user experience - unfortunately, I could not find to much out there on "soft plumbed" installs. I'm curious if there issues the experts here might be aware of before I order one along with a booster pump..


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Use either black Goodyear or Craftsman hoses. My Goodyears' (I have 4 50'ers) are over 10 years old!


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Thanks to you both for your feedback.. I am now going to go this route and the bit of inconvenience with a short hose is no worse that a robot with it's plug, caddy and hose!

Agreed on the black HD garden hose.. I too bought some at sears ~14 years ago and they are still good!

I was going with the TankTrax version of the 280 because my pool is vinyl - do you have an opinion on that or does it really matter much over the wheeled version?

Thanks again,

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