Uses for high cabinets

dr.lizMarch 14, 2013

I'm thinking of remodeling my 25 yr. old kitchen, which now has soffits. Assuming that I can remove the soffits (nothing inside) I was thinking of getting 36" upper cabs. Are they really useful? What do people put in these? They are obviously step stool height, and you're not going to put anything heavy way above your head. They're also clearly not for frequently used items. I have a plastic tomato sauce/ applesauce maker that gets used once a year, if that, and then there's my cherry pitter, but otherwise, I'm having trouble thinking of uses for that space. How do you all use these, if you have them?

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Here's what I'm thinking about putting in some of mine (when the kitchen is done):

a large bowl I got from my favorite aunt as a wedding gift (but rarely use); canning jars; large roaster; Christmas mugs; water bottles for camping/hiking; reusable popcorn bowl from the movie theater. I'm sure when I start emptying out cabinets, I'll find more things that I need to keep, but don't need to keep handy.

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Christmas decorations?
Large stocks of paper goods?

It doesn't have to be a "kitchen" item as long as it fits in there.

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I removed soffits and put 42" cabs in my small kitchen. I have lots of stuff on the top shelf that I don't use often. Extra or "backup" groceries, like mayo and flour or things I found on sale like hearts of palm; serving pieces and vases; fish poacher; large rubbermaid-type storage containers; Christmas cookie cutters. I moved a lot of things that had been in the basement up to these top shelves. It's so much easier to get out the step stool than to traipse to the basement.

I get out the step stool pretty often..

More storage is always better, IMO. But then, in my small house, I never have enough.

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Our top shelves will be reserved for things I don't need to reach too often...canning jars, extra groceries, cake keeper/transporter (really don't know why I keep many times have I actually TRANSPORTED a whole cake???), my one seldom used crockpot, etc.

It's good storage area for things I'll be keeping, but don't necessarily need to access every day.

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Great question!

I have things I never or rarely use in mine: cookie cutters, bundt cake pans, large rubbermaid containers for cakes and pies, and all the fine china and crystal I got for my wedding.

You can also use the space for vertical storage of muffin pans, 9x13 pans, cake pans, etc. Many people do this over their refrigerator or double ovens and can reach the items without a step stool (because you only have to grab the bottom of it).

Good luck with the renovation if you do it!

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beachlily z9a

I put hurricane supplies up there!

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