under ground electric line is four feet from the pool water

chickadee4May 9, 2013

I am in the middle of a pool dig.
I have an under ground electric line passing four feet near the pool's water. The distance between the line and water is four feet.
I have spoken to the power company, the pool builder , several electricians and the town's building inspector on what is code for electric lines near the pool.
I have asked to see the written pool code regarding electric lines .
All of the above have given me the followiing answers, 18 inches, five feet, 10 feet, 15 feet and 35 feet.

I have a transformer with a feed line to the home that runs at a 60 degree angle to the pool. Along an one foot section of the proposed pool, the electric line lays four feet to the pool.
Do I move the line.

The electric line is encased in a pvc tube.
I have had the pool excavator expose the line and an area to rewire the line. The power company will only feed the new line but will not touch the pvc pipe.
The electric line is 38 inches buried in a pvc pipe.
Do I move the line or just cover the hole.
THe power crew said it is not an issue.
The pool builder said five feet is code
The local town official says ten to fifteen feet.
I am lost.

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Hot Tub Spa Ratings

According to the national electric codes;

680.10 Underground Wiring Location. Underground wiring isnâÂÂt permitted under permanently installed pools, storable pools, outdoor spas, outdoor hot tubs, or fountains.
Nor is it permitted within 5 ft horizontally from the inside wall of the pool, spa, hot tub, or fountain, unless necessary
to supply the permanently installed pool, storable pool, outdoor spa, outdoor hot tub, or fountain equipment.

Where space limitations prevent wiring from being at least 5 ft away, underground wiring must be installed in complete raceway systems of rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, or PVC conduit listed for direct burial. The minimum
cover is 6 in. for metal raceways and 18 in. for PVC conduits. Figure

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THANK YOU so very much

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