The Dad Quilt & one other (more testing pix size)

pirate_girlNovember 14, 2008

So here's the Dad Quilt (done QAYG),

This Spring I finished a quilt originally made for my Dad who'd been terminally ill. He died when it was abt 1/2 done. I put it aside for abt a year, finished it last Spring btwn the anniversary of his death (Memorial Day Wknd) & Father's Day. I intend to give it to my StepMom (lives in FLA, I'm in NYC). I'll have to wait for less tight a budget to ship it, but I can feel mixed feelings already abt parting w/ it. Yet I've always intended her to have it in the end as a touchstone to him (if she cared to). While I'm ambivalent, I believe she'll really like it. We'd had a coffee theme in the Family, both before her & after & the Quilt had novelty fabrics themed of coffee: coffee beans, other stylized coffee beans, old percolators & mill grinders, tea cups & colored mugs motifs, etc. I think my Dad would have smiled.

The Front

Front, closeup


Another Quilt, a few yrs, earlier (after class by Mary Ellen Hopkins (sp?))

Teal Graphic (26" w x 30" h)

Closeup detail

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I can understand you having mixed feelings about the quilt you made for your dad and wanting to hang on to it. You'll know when the time is right to part with it.

I've always wanted to do a QAYG using that technique. With all the blocks I have around here, you'd think it would be a snap! Guess I'll put it on my To Do List for 2009.


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