Yet another front door question

sas95April 2, 2014

We believe that the door to our house dates back to around the time the place was built in 1959. We were hoping to merely refinish the door, but it is showing signs of age and is warped and starting to crack. Also, the sidelights are dingy looking from up close. So we are trying to decide on a new door style.

This is the current door:

And the house (picture from the listing. We have since cleared the overgrown landscaping and started from scratch):

So far, MCM-ish styles like this appeal to me:

Or maybe something with a bit of glass?

Or are these styles too "trendy" and should I do something a bit more traditional? We would do simple sidelights and probably stain the door a dark color similar to what is currently there.

Any thoughts?

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I would stick with a MCM style. Another poster mentioned Crestview Doors which has a good selection of MCM style doors.

Personally, I would do frosted glass. I don't like the idea of people being able to peer into the house, but you still get the light streaming in. I love your house!!

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I really like that third door, esp. next to the two glass panes you've got.

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I really like the first one!

The second does not look MCM, the third seems too busy with the sidelights

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The first one was my favorite, too. And the first that really caught my eye. Although I do think the third one is kind of cool looking also, I was wondering whether it might be "too much" for the house in some way.

Joanie, I see what you are saying about the frosted glass re: privacy issues, but we have so much clear glass in our house-- between the large LR windows and a huge amount in the back of the house-- that I don't want to introduce any frosted glass. Besides, we have lived as long as we have with the big clear glass sidelights and found we are not bothered by this. And we are set back pretty far from the street.

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I would prefer something more traditional. The door you have now has a raised pattern and that adds more interest in my opinion.

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