I Think I Finally Got it (larger size pix)

pirate_girlNovember 9, 2008

Let's see how this looks:

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Well, OK, it's just that the two full pix (front & back) are sideways & the sleeve was added for a Show last Jan-March.

But at last my pix are big enough to really be seen & even allow details!!!

Thanks much to the poster who emphasized abt the approx. 800p pix size (TheresaC ?) -- thanks to whomever, that DID the trick!

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Well here's a recently completed baby quilt, called Swirl Play. I did this a couple of months ago when there were a number of threads abt the Disapprearing Nine Patch aka Nine to Four.

I could not contain my enthusiasm, so I made One, of 9 units on the front & one large unit on the back (the one large unit use was suggested by another poster, so thanks there).



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Oh my goodness...I just love that quilt with the koi on it!! I have a koi pond and love anything that has to do with them. That baby quilt is awesome!

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They're both lovely quilts. I love oriental fabrics, so of course the first one stole my heart. I am also a fan of traditional pattern baby quilts. Nice work.

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Thank-you folks, I'm quite pleased w/ them. Yes, on the Oriental One, I just let the fabric take me away & it dictated both the design & the colors! The back is completely different & more African ethnic in coloring (1 of the pix vanished, I didn't remove it).

The Baby Quilt was supposed to be in the bigger pix format. Only today, do I see it's the small pix again - GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Just tried again, forgot this text, still too small, ack --- more another time!

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