Green countertops?

pseudochefMarch 27, 2013

Hi everyone, I have ordered my cabinets and am now trying to decide on granite and floor tile. Yesterday I went to look at granite with my husband and we were sort of all over the place on what we liked. We both LOVED one green granite but they only had one slab left and it was in the highest price category (we need to be looking in the two lowest categories). We sort of decided that Kashmir white might be a nice look since it's nice and bright and neutral. Today I went to look at floor tiles that might go with the cabinets and Kashmir White granite and it was depressing. All the floor tile was quite beige and then the backsplash tiles were very plain too. I really don't want our kitchen to just end up being various shades of brown. So after the floor store I went to the second location of the granite yard from yesterday. Well low and behold they have the same granite that we loved yesterday but labeled as something different and in the second to lowest category. Crazy! I realize that this is somewhat of a statement stone as compared to something safe like Kashmire White or Santa Cecelia so I'm kind of looking for thoughts on doing something more bold like this. We aren't planning on moving any time soon so I'm not too worried about resale value, but will I get tired of such a strong color?

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I love green granites. And among the green granites this one is especially beautiful (sigh). With the amount of variation in the colors in it together with how neutral the other colors are (grays mostly, it seems) I don't see how you could possibly get sick of this anytime soon. Really, I'd grab it before they realize their mistake and jack up the price. :-)

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I fell in love with my green slab and never looked back. I'm not worrying about resale, just loving my gorgeous green.

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Thanks! Sixtyohno what granite and backsplash are you using? Looks super nice!

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The countertop is a serpentine marble, rain forest green. It is harder than marble, but not as hard as granite. After 15 months, I have a tiny nick, and no scratches. I do use a cutting board and I wipe up spills, but I would do that with any surface. The backsplash is a glass subway, $10 sq/ft. It's labeled beige, but it is definitely green.
Here's another photo.

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Pseudochef, can't say what you'll get tired of, of course, but I'd buy Sixtyohno's house for the kitchen. Love that counter! Seriously, I suspect you'd probably be at least a little dissatisfied very quickly with something you never loved and never will.

One thing--I notice that Sixty's counter and cabinet colors pretty much fall in the same value, i.e., light-dark, range so that they blend very harmoniously even though they're different colors--no blocks of dramatic contrast, nothing jumping out, including the gorgeous counter. Also, they're in a light middle range so they don't even contrast strongly with the walls.

Your counter and cabinets of course would behave very differently visually, cabinets and counter both lusciously rich in detail and both playing off their contrast with each other.

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Ok, I tried looking for examples online and ran across this one.

Traditional Kitchen by Ferndale Interior Designer Dan Davis Design This seems similar to what I might end up with. I am going with a tile floor though and don't know that I want to go quite so dark as this (I want to at least somewhat be able to see dirt on the floor so I can clean it up).

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Very nice granite and nice cabinet, but to be honest I don't like them together. Maybe it's my monitor or maybe the cabinet has bright sun shining on it, but it looks very orangy and the granite looks washed out next to it.

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I would snap it up before they decide to raise the price. Our last kitchen had green counters with cherry cabinets, and we loved those counters for the 7 years we had them. I would be a lot more worried about getting tired of a "safe" choice than a bold choice I loved.

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I see that as less of a statement than most granites. Some wonâÂÂt like green - others will love it! But you can say the same about black, brown, marble, etc.

I think you will be very happy with that selection. I think it is beautiful. :-)

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I agree that granite is very beautiful. I think it looks nice with the cab although agreed that the door in the pic does have an orangey cast to it.

Sixty: have you ever posted pics of the rest of your house?

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Island, the cabinets are sort of orangey brown. But the picture is in full sun in the afternoon so it makes it look much more orange than in real life and the granite is somewhat washed out. Boy I tell you it's hard looking at granite in the Texas sun! You have to wear sunglasses but then you can't really see what the stone looks like. Anyway, currently we have a lot of orangey brown wood in the house (70's construction) and we picked a cabinet that would flow with the rest of the house since we can't remodel the entire house. It actually looks less orange than our current cabinets if you can believe it :)

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement everyone on the granite. As I said it was the one stone that my husband and I both really liked (and we have very different taste) so in the interest of marital harmony it's probably a good idea to go with this. I hope it works out and they don't realize their mistake and increase the price!

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We've had our green countertops for a couple of years, and love them. If you both like it, then why not.

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Pseudo know what you mean, we have the same problem here in sunny S. CA. Love green though. We've had silver sea green granite for the past 13 years. Still looks brand new and wish I could keep it, but our layout will change. Hoping to repurpose some of it elsewhere.

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Oooo, that's pretty. It reminds me of sand art, I love the subtle variation and layered colors.

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I'm afraid these pictures from our last house don't show the counters that well, but at least it gives you an idea of how green counters, reddish brown cabinets and a light tile floor can look together. We had 2 offers in the first week the house was listed for sale, so the green counters did not dissuade buyers.

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Thanks for all the pictures! It's hard to find them online. I put two slabs on hold today so hopefully the pricing comes back at a reasonable level and I can go ahead with everything.

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Fori is not pleased

I like them together. I like them alone. I like that orangey stain!

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Deedles-a while ago we did a rest of the house post. I can't find it and I can't figure out how to make an album on photobucket of just house photos.

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