Bigger Pix; Further Attempts

pirate_girlNovember 11, 2008

Here's another recently completed UFO (that was my mission this year).

called Thousand Island (approx. 30" w x 39" h)

Front, detail

Front, close to right edge

Reverse (my 1st colored quilt back)

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and an upload earlier redo (Baby Quilt)


Front, detail

Front, more detail


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I really love your quilts. The little triangles inside the big ones is so effective. You have chosen such interesting colors and fabric designs for both quilts.

Excellent work. TFS

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I love them both -- what is the pattern of the baby quilt?

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Both very pretty. I really like the colors.

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Hi Folks,

Thanks much for the nice compliments.

The Baby Quilt is the pattern known at Nine to Four, also known as Disappearing Four Patch. There've been interesting discussions on this pattern recently, 'cause it's quite a simply design leading to a deceptively complex, yet almost random effect.

I'm making another of the same pattern at the moment in very different oriental fabrics. Brown, beiges, blues & greens, white & bit of metallic gold.

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Sorry for the typos above, unusual for me. I meant to type "Disappearing 9 Patch" or "9 to 4" as the names of this pattern.

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Oh yes, I do like the scrappy look. The contract with the yellowish or light green really makes it also. I love the back colors. Thanks for sharing. deanna

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Am re-posting a pic of the BACK of this quilt to address your question abt 'how big the blocks can be w/out being HUGE blocks of color', to paraphrase your question

The front was 9 original 9 patches (each starting color block cut to 4.5"), larger blocks finished at 12", finished size of quilt is approx. 36" square.

The BACK was one large unit of same (suggested by someone here at the Discussion side).

Each original color block cut to 12.5", so in this case the largest color block was 12" finished. The way I layed out the fabrics, that largest color block is the turquoise print batik, which I felt was visually interesting enough to be that big.

The quiting was done on the front in the ditch & then some echo quilting (2 rows) around that. How the stitching appears on the back was just happenstance except for the fact that I kept the bobbin thread turquise throughout; some place you can see it some places you can't.

Sorry to write so long a post, but feel there's a lot to explain. Also, I hope to teach this design at my LQS & so I'm wanting to be as clear as possible. (Will appreciate any suggestions).

(All photo credits to my friend Sage Reynolds, w/ thanks).

Happy to answer any questions!

(PG) Karen

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The baby 9 to 4 is adorable, but I love the Thousand Island.
Your quilting is impressive!!

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Karen, I think there are so many variables to be had with the Disappearing 9-Patch it's difficult to explain them all. Depending on fabric used, (true scrappy, controlled scrappy, 3 fabrics) and how the blocks are sewn together for all the pattern designs this pattern can give, it will take more than a few sentences.


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Thanks for your kind words.


Absolutely, wayyyy mroe than a few sentences. Yours is the kind of comment I find useful, you're reminding me how variable this is (even tho' my 2nd one uses the same setting as my first). Added bonus it's almost impossible to make a mistake in this which would be visible.

But I think it's a great & rewarding quilt for everyone, yet simple enough construction for a beginner.

Also I'd be a first time teacher, so I think it's material I could cover well & feel increasingly more & more comfortable with.

PS To Sharon: (I believe it was you): Thanks for your kind & understanding words you wrote on my other thread abt The Dad Quilt.

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They're so beautiful! I love the way you have used color.

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I like both quilts. Very nice. I have done a 9 to 4 after hearing about it on this forum. I really enjoyed it. You have reminded me of it and also given me a fresh idea as to how you quilted it. I like that look very much.
Keep up the good work.


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I'm not really big on blues but I really like how these colors are combined. I like how you did, what looks like, random quilting here and there in the triangles.

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