Ground water entering at skimmer collar!

edweatherMay 16, 2011

With all the rain this spring, and with the water table being almost at the surface, today I noticed that dirty ground water was flowing into the skimmer from where the adjusting collar attaches to the top of the skimmer body. I'm assuming this shouldn't be happening. Should I wait until things dry out and try sealing it with something like a 2 part epoxy?

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Nope. Leave it. It should do it. When you replace the deck, a bazillion years from now, the skimmer will be safe and a new collar can be set in place.

When the water table drops and the pool is overfilled, it can let water out too.


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Thanks for the help. Let me ask a stupid question. If we won't be replacing the deck for a gazillion years (we plan on moving in 7 years anyway,) what's the harm in sealing it? It seems to do more harm than good, because we seem have a high water table often and the ground water is constantly ruining the nice pool water. When the pool does get too full I usually have my eye on it and let water out, plus the amount that will flow out of the skimmer is minor compared to what comes in.

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If the water flow that could leave is minor, so is the water that could come in.

The aren't meant to be sealed.

You need a de-watering solution, not a perceived cure. Your idea of sealing is well intentioned but wrong. Getting rid of the source is the solution.


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Scott thanks.

Except that the water that is entering is brown, and that's the problem.

Anyway, I am taking your good suggestion of leaving it unsealed. There are plenty of times during the fall, winter, and early spring that the pool is over full. I always wondered where the water was going when the level dropped after being full to the brim.

Also, maybe the collars are not meant to be sealed to leave a little room for deck movement during freeze/thaw cycles. I'd hate to lock it in and then have the skimmer crack if the deck moved a little.

Thanks again for your time. Ed

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