Adding sand to paver patio

bellevue2007July 3, 2007

I recently put in a paver patio following the most common instructions. Dug the hole, added 6 inches of jagged gravel, tamped the gravel level, added 1 inch of sand, and laid the pavers. I then poured sand on top of the patio, and used a coarse broom to push the sand into the cracks while spraying it with water. I also hammered in a plastic border.

Since I have been done, it has rained almost every day. Whenever it rains, the sand in the cracks is washed out. Each time I have added and swept new sand into the cracks. The pavers have shifted slightly, but nothing too much(I used 16x16 inch pavers). Is this common with a new patio and will the sand/ground eventually settle so I can stop adding new sand? If so, how long should I expect to keep adding sand? Or is this a sign of an eventual problem that I need to fix?

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You might want to try polymeric sand by Techniseal. It hardens up, but looks just like sand. It lasts about two years before a re-apply. My DH and I did a re-apply to our flagtone walkway in about an hour yesterday. It looks like new except where a few birds walked through it! We have wider joints since we have flagstone.

Last summer, I put the polyermic sand on an 18x20 flagstone patio in just a few hours by myself.

You need 2 days of dry weather on either side of the application. Don't walk on it for 24 hours. You lightly mist the sand between layers. It comes in grey or taupe. A bag costs around $19.00 here at the local John Deere Landscaping store.

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