I HATE my EasyTouch!

lnkholderMay 10, 2011

Hate hate hate hate it, with a deep burning flame that festers in my soul. It is the single worst thing about my pool. Currently it wants to turn on the solar late in the day. Why? Beats me. I can't figure the programming out to save my life. The long hours I have spent crouched in front of it trying to figure out how to reprogram it are hours that could have been spent relaxing beside the pool. I'd be content to turn it on manually, but I can't do that either. It's a simple pool: salt, solar, and cleaner; no waterfalls or spa.

Maybe I'm just an idiot. But I am a PhD level scientist, and I am not usually defeated by a circuit controller. The manual will tell me step by step exactly how to rename each and every function, but fails to explain how those functions interrelate. My husband, who is also a PhD level scientist, can't figure it out either. Nor can the guy who put in our pool. He programmed it once, following a script, but after the solar was turned off for the season the VS3050 was consuming far too much energy at that setting so we tried to change it.

What are my options? There is a low spot in our lawn caused by our hours standing or crouching in front of the panel. The only think I can think of at this point is to back over the control panel with the minivan, but while that might be emotionally satisfying I suspect that will just make matters worse.

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http://poolfyi.com/ is Pentair's assistance site. It used to be called the Innovation Lab. I'm sure you find that missing piece of the puzzle.


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It's actually very easy to program. Press the Menu button then scroll down to schedules. All of your equipment should be listed (pump, solar, cleaner, intellicholor, etc.)

Select the solar, then it will show the start and end time. Enter the times you want it to run. Next, go to the days of the week by pressing the down arrow. A little bar will appear and you simply use the right arrow key to select the days you want the solar to run.

I love my EasyTouch.... Not a problem at all. Perhaps if you have a teenager at home they can figure it out. You know kids and technology!

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Might want to make sure there isnt an issue with the PC board. The Easytouch is pretty easy to program when working correctly and it sounds like you are giving it the good ol college try.

Sometimes if the board is bad, it can drive you nuts. Sometimes erasing programs, not accepting new programming, "ghosting" (when items turn on or off randomly), etc.

Another issue I have found is the remote and the outdoor panel are mismatched. Check under menu>diagnostics>software revisions and make sure that they are of the same revision. It will say UIC and a rev# then UOC and a rev#. They should match!

If you are still under warranty, get a qualified Pentair service company to come look at and test the board, check the software for mismatch (and can flash the software if needed), heck they can even help you program everything.

Alternately, what part of the country are you in? Maybe someone on this message board can help.

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