new pool red dirt stains

tracik3May 10, 2013

We had a pool put in about 3 weeks ago. Its white plaster with blue specks. The day after they plastered and started filling it we had a big storm that blew in red dirt. We didn't yet have sod put down. We have quit a bit of stains especially around the stairs.

One pool guy said we didn't want to do an acid wash because it would leave rough spots. Another pool guy was just here and I talked to him about the stains and he said it wouldn't be bad that the other guy (which by the way is his dad) was over reacting.

From what I was reading the vitamin C tabs won't work on dirt it works on rust.

We haven't even swan in the pool. I want these stains gone! Please help!

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Well, after doing some research online I found this suggestion. Take a pantyhose and put crushed chlorine tab in it and place on the stain for 10/15 minutes then brush. We did it today and most of the stains are gone! It worked great!

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Thanks for posting an update. We have red dirt here too! Hopefully we won't get stains from it, but this is great to know.

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Oh I'm so happy for you. We got quarter sized rust stains from some of the pebbles in our pool the first summer. I was so upset. We tried all kinds of chemicals, chlorine tabs rubbed on. Nothing worked until I found the Vitamin C trick on the internet. One little tablet erased them like magic.

What a relief, huh?

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