old growth southern yellow pine

tuesdaygirlJuly 29, 2009

We have a victorian house and have been considering porch flooring materials. We have a local supplier that has tigerwood in stock at a better price than we can buy ipe.

BUT, a specialty wood dealer also has 'reclaimed old growth southern yellow pine' t&g which we could paint. We would like the look of an old painted porch, but not sure if the boards will hold up. Our porches will be covered with very little direct sunlight if that matters.

I have been reading this site for the past several months and now we must make a decision....have not found any info on 'reclaimed southern yellow pine' for porch floor material.

We live in northern Michigan.

Any input is appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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Old growth lumber is better in every way then second or fourth/fith stuff we are using now. If by reclaimed you mean it was torn up from an old floor and cleaned up that is total different then say old logs pulled up from a pond,dried, milled and put up for sale.


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Thanks John. Just the person I was hoping to hear from.
The reclaimed old growth southern yellow pine (very tight grain) are 2x8 & 2x10 roughsawn planks taken from old buildings out East.
Any further comment?

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Sounds like some good material.Man that must have been hard on the milling machines. Probley would make a nice floor Anyway its still yellow pine,really old yellow pine and completley dried out,but still the same lumber and prone to the same reaction to the sun and weather that tigerwood would not have.

The install would be the same, ss screws thru the G after a predrill going in the decking not the frame,counstruction adhesive on the joists,its a good idea to cut a little 1/2'' slot in the T every 3' or so,and dont jam it up tight outside T&G drains the same way face fasteded does thru the gap. Provide cross ventalation.

Hmmmmmmmm that stuff would make some very cool inside panelling/trim. I am stuck on this one.. usually that kind of material is higher than say tigerwood or ipe ...but the look is show stopper with the tight grain..but your going to paint it anyway...Ghesssssss.

If it was mine I woudent do it,I would go with the TW and use that old fine looking metarial for building a fireplace mantal,box beam, cabinet faceing, trim of some kind but not an outside floor. J.

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Thanks John! We value your opinion. Lots to think about.

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IMO, leave the yellow pine flooring indoors. Now, if they could get you some reclaimed heart cypress, that would last forever outdoors. Part of the reason old work lasted so long was the use of lead paint. I think it was inherently antibiotic. I read an old specification for laying porch flooring that had every groove set with lead putty for water-tightness.
Some localities had a historical tradition of porch flooring being plain 1x4 boards, not t&g, adding much to their longevity.

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