Scrappy Xmas Quilts

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLNovember 17, 2006

I made the 'quilts' plural cause I have a couple that aren't completed yet, but will put them on this same thread.....hopefully after Thanksgiving. DD2 and her family plan to be here from Indiana for Thanksgiving week, so there won't be any sewing next week...but, that's ok.

This one started out to be a Square in a Square quilt, but I made the big square too big, so improvised. I'm getting braver at machine quilting (straight stitching) so did that on this one, too. It's a bit too scrappy for me, though.


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Sharon~We should call this 'Sharon's Gallery' ! LOL Just kidding, but boy, have you been productive lately!!

This one is really neat! See what a little imagination can do to a plan! Worked out great, if you ask me!

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Thanks, Jennifer. I'm trying to use up the xmas fabric I've had in a tub so I can justify getting more when it goes on sale. *grin* This is the 24th quilt I've completed this year with 3 more in the works. Normally my time is pretty much my own and I'd rather sew than dust any day!


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Sharon, you improvise very well and I love the scrappy look. The black sashing adds such a nice touch. Makes it look stained glassy.


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Sharon, I was just Xing out GW and thought..hmmmmm I bet Sharon has another quilt to see in the gallery..I was right and wow that many quilts done...that sure is an accomplishment...
This quilt looks very festive and you are doing wonderful work.....
Ive been working on Dees quilt today working in the ditch...Its not my favorite quilting but I may like it better after its done a little more....Judy

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Thank you Beverly and Judy.

I told DD2 she could have this quilt (and the other one I don't have done) so after the 9 extra people who were here for supper left and after I cleaned up, I got it out and finished it up. I was trying to find the directions I used online but can't seem to locate them. It's where you sew 8 - 6 1/2" X WOF strips together, make a 'tube' and then sub cut into 6 1/2". You then have to unsew where you want the blocks for your pattern. It's really easy.


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I just love that Square in a Square quilt, with its reds and the black sashing (really a great touch!), and the tiny red squares in the sashing. It's so pretty and cheerful!

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Thank you, biwako. It's backed with beige fleece and I gave it to my SIL's mom yesterday for having us to Thanksgiving dinner - she loved it.


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geezerfolks_SharonG_FL's one I finished today, 12/1. I have another xmas ready for backing and a rail fence xmas I'm working on.


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Lovely work, kiddo. I like the first one, and I am not at all a scrappy gal, but it sure does call my name. You have really been busy!

Marti in Mexico

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I'm not a real scrappy person either, Marti, but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! I do need to practice that machine grid sewing so it isn't so puckery. Maybe I should do the galloping horse theory on it....??????


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