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grammypOctober 18, 2008

Here is my latest comfort quilt. It is for one of our respiratory tech's whose house burned a couple of weeks ago. The colors are really brighter than they look in the picture. Since I am using up fabrics I didn't have enough of a fabric I liked for the back, so I put it on a piece of yellow fleece I had.

The front

The back, showing the decorative stitch I used for quilting.

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Great job, Beverly. I like the idea of the decorative stitch on this, too. Someday I hope to do another one of these.


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Beverly that is beautiful!!! I love the framed rails. Your decorative stitching is a beautiful touch, it makes the quilt reversible.
When you use flannel do you also use a batting????? It does look so comfy!!!!!!!!!

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Very pretty quilt. I also love the decorative stitching.

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How nice of you, Beverly. It seems like you are always posting pics of things you have done for others.

Are the rails brown? I love that design. Nice work.Deanna

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Those fabrics are lovely together. How thoughtful of you to make it for someone in need.

Of course, I personally know how thoughtful you are from when I purchased my first home last year and received a plant almost anonymously from someone who signed it with something that looked like an online identity nickname and I had never been to this forum and was really clueless as to who this person was! LOL. But it was very beautiful and thoughtful! I was touched that someone I didn't know would send me a housewarming gift!

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Deanna, they are black. Camera was a bit off that evening. You are most welcome Salijo, how is the house? Have you finished up all your little projects?


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Well, the house ended up having to have a couple of big projects that I wasn't counting on; so all the little projects have not been touched. But the house is still standing and it's inhabitable, which is basically all that is needed, correct? I'm grateful that I have it.

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You are so right salijo. If it does it's job and it is all yours, then that is a good thing. Ours has reached the age to need some work, but it will have to wait a while. They are not have to haves right now.


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I love your quilt. I have a little cold right now and IÂve got a cough drop in my mouth as I read this and I wish I had your quilt wrapped around me  it just has that feel about it!

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Hope you get to feeling better Lola. I had it last week and it isn't fun at all.


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Beautiful quilt, Beverly. I love seeing the pictures of everyone's work, but I hardly ever remember to check the gallery. The decorative stitching is an extra nice touch.


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I love the yellow and black together. When you did the decorative stitching did you sew it directly or did you use a stabilizer of some sort?

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Your quilt is beautiful!! I keep trying to find a name for this pattern so i can make one myself. Can someone help me with the name of this pattern??

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If you scroll down to latest QOV posting, you can find the directions. There's another one there to look at too.

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