Xmas Tabletoppers + Misc

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLOctober 5, 2008

I haven't completed these table toppers, but they're ready to be backed and I plan to take them with me and finish them up north. You can't see them very clearly, but the wreath green has sparkly gold dots and the holly leaves have little holly leaves with red hearts. I love those doves.

Since Rosa showed her dishtowel toppers, I've made a total of 4, but this one is the cutest. I also made this fabric bowl (that you can't see hardly at all) at the retreat and for the purse, tissue covers.


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Those are really cute, love the kitty! Be careful traveling.


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All very cool looking! You definitely get the 'productive' award!!

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Thanks .... I'm thinking those dishtowel toppers will be the thing for next year. Quick, easy and useful! I was also thinking ... why not use some quilt blocks and sew on top of hand towels for the bathroom? I'll have to think on this one and try a couple of them. Or, (you people with embroidery machines, listen up) embroider initials or fancy things strategically placed on a square about the size of a potholder and sew to hand towel.

Not enough time in the day ..... sometimes sleeping seems to be a waste of time.


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Sharon I have the same bird towel!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mother loves roosters and chicks. I found a really pretty creamy off white towel with a rooster on it.
Any ideas what to put on the pot holder???
I have a baby chick but it lookes too Easter.
Love the beautiful table toppers!!!!!

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Thanks, Rosa. Do you have enough room for Cockadoodledoo on the potholder?


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Sharon, every thing is sooooo Beautiful, I love the doves too, I may have to use your idea for the tissue covers, that would make a really nice gift.

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I've made a bunch of these tissue covers for gifts and really like using them myself too. Much nicer than just throwing those little plastic packages in your purse. Finding interesting fabric combinations is fun too.

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